Basic RiderCourse (BRC) The entire course is 15 hours (5 hours classroom and 10 hours of riding) spread out over 3 days. The classroom is typically on a Monday OR Tuesday evening from 5:30pm-11pm and the riding portion is broken into two five-hour days, typically on a Saturday and the following Sunday or two consecutive Fridays.

Classes are held every week. We do offer a limited number of midweek courses, which are held on three consecutive days from 10am-3pm. To register or see available dates for the BRC, please select a date from the calendar to the right that you are available to take a class.

Basic RiderCourse 2 - Skills Practice (BRC2-SP) The BRC2-SP is a one-day 5 hour course. Please email or call our office at (858) 621-2313 x110 to register.

Current BRC2-SP dates:
May 9, 7am-12pm

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Advanced RiderCourse (ARC) The ARC consists of 4 hours of classroom instruction and 4 hours of riding instruction. Please email or call our office at (858) 621-2313 x110 to register.

Current ARC dates:
May 9, 8am-11am Classroom & 12pm-5pm Range

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What You Will Need

  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Denim Jeans or heavy pants (not excessively baggy, long or with holes or frayed edges)
  • Over the ankle boots- covering the ankle bone (not tennis shoes or fashion boots with heels)
  • Full fingered leather gloves
  • Shatter resistant sunglasses or safety glasses
  • Sunscreen and lip protection

BRC Fees

Under the age of 21 = $150 per rider
Age 21 and older = $250 per rider

BRC2-SP [ERC] Fees

$125 per rider

ARC Fees

$175 per rider